What are your rates?

My standard rate is $125, for both individual and couples therapy. I have a discounted rate of $90 for any type of student (undergraduate, graduate school, etc.) and military members and their family members. 

Depending on need and my present caseload, I may be able to offer a sliding scale fee. Please contact me for more details if you are unable to pay the standard rate but interested in therapy. 

How long are sessions?

50 minutes. 

How do I schedule a session?

You can contact me directly by calling or texting or sending me an email

Phone call/text: (904) 420-7700

Email: priscilla@hopereclaimedtherapy.com

Where do we meet?

I only offer virtual sessions, so we meet on whatever video device you feel comfortable with (smart phone, laptop, computer, tablet). Where you are is up to you, but I suggest a quiet, private space with stable wifi. I use SimplePractice to set up video sessions, which is a HIPPA compliant platform designed specifically for therapy. It is completely free for you. You will get a link sent to you at least 24hrs ahead of time. You can either click the link on your computer or download the SimplePractice app on your smartphone and click on the link you receive.

How long does therapy last?

I never have a set time for how long we meet. However, my ultimate goal is to get you to a place where you feel that you have met your objectives and feel healthier, more confident, and more stable. In our first few sessions, we come up with goals and objectives to guide our sessions because I want to be intentional by honoring the time and money that you are putting into this process. You are free to end therapy whenever you choose. There might come a point where I suggest that it might be a good time to end therapy, but we are free to continue if you want. Therapy is what you choose to make of it and I am honored to be a part of your journey for however long or short it may be. 

What is therapy like? What happens in a session? What should I expect?

In our first session, I will initially go over the paperwork signed and logistical details and ask if you have any questions. I will go through things to expect and what therapy will generally look like. I will ask about previous experiences with therapy, why you chose to come to therapy now, and your hopes and objectives for therapy. 

Therapy is a conversation that flows as we get to know each other more. I view myself as a collaborator with you to get to change. I am an expert on therapeutic change and you are an expert on your life. Therapy is us working together to figure out how you can process and think through things differently so you can create healthier and more beneficial alternatives that will better your mindset, relationships, and life. How we truly think and process our world, past experiences, identity, and faith reflects in how we act and behave. 

Can I try it out? What happens if after a first session, it's not a good fit?

You are welcome to schedule a first session and try it out. You are never bound to stay in therapy longer than you want. Much of the therapeutic process is based around the relationship of the therapist and client(s) and not everyone is a good fit. This can be based on expertise and experience, personality, therapeutic style, or simply that the therapist looks just like your 5th grade bully... through no fault of her own! If we are not a good fit, it is much better to realize it so you can find a therapist who is a better match and you can continue your healing journey. 

How does cancelling and rescheduling work?

You are able to cancel or reschedule a session 24 hours ahead of time through SimplePractice or by contacting me directly by text or email. If you cancel less than 24 hours ahead of time or do not show up for the appointment within the first 15 minutes, you will still be charged for the session.

Do you take insurance?

I do not. Depending on need and my present caseload, I may be able to offer a sliding scale fee. Please contact me for more details if you are unable to pay the standard rate but interested in therapy.

How frequently do we meet?

This is something we figure out together. If you are new, I always suggest setting up weekly sessions to start, unless finances do not permit this. We can also set up sessions every other week.